He Tāngata

He Tāngata came together in 2018, and was inspired by a team who had a passion to showcase the Māori culture in the South Island and combine that with the delicacy of seafood (kaimoana).

Proudly situated at Ngā Hau e Whā National Marae, He Tāngata is promoting daily tours of an exclusive operating National Marae, adding technology and lighting to it’s natural history and presenting it to the world.

We will be showcasing Māori protocol through our Pōwhiri (welcoming ceremony)  and also our culture through performance, choreographing one of the most intense, electrifying examples of kapa haka you have seen. Our light show and theatre will capture our country’s history and stories left by our tūpuna (ancestors).

We have infused Māori indigenous ingredients into our New Zealand based buffet, which includes the traditional tastes of Hāngi, and seafood platter including New Zealand’s kaimoana such as crayfish, paua, kina, and oysters. Enjoy our Hākari while being entertained by our kapa haka group.

Ngā Hau e Whā National Marae

Marae is a place of learning, celebration, ceremony and meeting. Ngā Hau e Whā is a very unique marae – most tribes in New Zealand are acknowledged and represented by their tūpuna (ancestors) in the wharenui (main meeting house) alongside our European ancestors Captain Cook and Abel Tasman. It is the only marae in New Zealand which has been declared a national marae for every New Zealander and also all people “from the four winds” of the world.

Ever since the marae has opened in 1982, it has been a place of comfort and solace, for example the devastation of the Christchurch earthquakes led to the marae being a core location for support and resources helping those most strongly affected on the east side of the city. Today, the marae is still operating, people often come here for assistance, it has become a hub for various supportive and helpful organisations for all walks of life.

The marae has been protected and shielded for many years by a grand palisade, it is now your opportunity to see what is beyond the gates. We welcome you to indulge in our culture.

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